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While we are able to process payments from PayPal, you can make a payment with your Credit or Debit card. Paypal account is NOT required to make a payment. When you click any of the payment buttons below and redirected to PayPal’s payment site, simply click on “Pay with Debit/Credit Card” option and fill the required fields to make your payment. We appreciate your business. Please use the Bake Sale page for all bake sale purchases.  

Overall Donations

Please use below “Donate” button below to make either a one-time donation or set up recurring monthly payments. Your donations will be used to support MARTI’s day-to-day operations, community engagement, outreach, and education programs. We appreciate every bit of your contribution.


Cooking Class Fee Payment

Please provide your full name and the cooking class date you will be attending and then use the drop down menu below to select your Cooking Class Fee to make a payment. Thank you for being part of our cooking class activities!

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Education Program Donations

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Weekend School Payments for 2022-2023

The Saturday Academy tuition for 2022-2023 school year is $1,200 per student. We will collect tuition in 8 installments. Payments will be $150 for 8 months. We will use a PayPal subscription that allows automatic monthly payment from September 2022 thru April 2023 and will stop automatically at the end of the school year. To be able to spend more time on education rather than collecting payments, it is important for parents to set up auto payments. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
MARTI also offer sibling discount as below:

  • 1st Child: Full amount
  • 2nd Children: %10 discount
  • 3rd Children: %15 discount

We request to make your payments automatically this year by indicating students’ names when you set up auto pay.

INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS (Saturday Academy Subscription)

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Unsubscribe Saturday Academy Payment

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Weekend School One Time Payment

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